[One Charitable Act, Double the Love] Sending Warmth During Mid-Autumn Festival

Sep 07.2022 | Disaster Relief and Assistance

The severe COVID-19 pandemic has persisted for years and has impacted all sectors of industry. Many charity organizations have also encountered difficulties in fundraising, making operations extremely challenging. During the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, social welfare organizations hope to relieve their dire financial plight through charity sales of Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes, but due to the general economic downturn, corporate orders have shrunk, making this year's Mid-Autumn Festival merchandise purchase unpopular.

Therefore, the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation purchased Mid-Autumn gift boxes from the Chao Hsing Foundation, which provides all-day care services for individuals with disabilities. The Foundation also urged the public to support this initiative, bringing benefits to social welfare organizations and ensuring uninterrupted services. The foundation will also distribute the gift boxes to elderly veterans and their families under the care of the Changhua County Veterans Service Office, conveying the Foundation's care for vulnerable groups and achieving a double impact of public welfare and love.

The Chao Hsing Foundation is grateful for the Foundation's support, from sponsoring the medical expenses of the seniors with mental disabilities to purchasing additional baking equipment, and for the second year in a row, purchasing the Mid-Autumn gift boxes from the Chao Hsing Foundation’s sheltered workshop. In addition to providing better care services to these lovely residents with mental disabilities, it also allows people to see their serious efforts and enhance their self-worth.

In addition, when distributing the mooncake gift boxes to the elderly veterans and their families at the Changhua County Veterans Service Office, special care and blessings from the Foundation were conveyed. One veteran, Uncle Zhang, expressed that he has received mooncakes from the foundation during the Mid-Autumn Festival for the past few years. He felt the thoughtfulness of the foundation and the Veterans Service Office, and he hopes that everyone can have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

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