Gengxin Social Welfare Foundation for Mental and Physical Health

Oct 13.2022 | Spread Happiness and Love Together With You

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation in its long-standing support of disadvantaged families in need of emergency aid across Taiwan noted that many people lost their jobs due to mental health issues and their families being their caregiver could also lose the ability to provide for the family resulting in the household income in a dire situation. In recent years we heard of many criminal cases of attacks or injuries committed by people with mental health issues triggering a wide concern from society. If there could be preventive measures and ensuring community care, such people have a chance of resuming a regular functional life, hence a reduction in social problems

As such, Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation joined hands with Gengxin Social Welfare Foundation for Mental and Physical Health (GSWFMP) in the support service for those with mental health issues. The Foundation’s sponsorship began with baking facilities in the early days to help set up a bakery and provide therapy, followed by the renovation of Clubhouse, an independent dignified healing place for those with mental health issues. This year, the Foundation kept pouring in resources for a branch expansion in northern Kaohsiung to provide training, job seeking, rehabilitation and over-night stay for the vulnerable people with mental health issues. The Foundation’s wide array of resources aims to help those with mental health issues to resume their place in society and overturn the common stereotype of people with psychotic illnesses.

The Foundation chairman Wu Jing-Ming took part in the Clubhouse anniversary showcase and expressed his love and encouragement to all Clubhouse residents. The Foundation is pleased to see that the GSWFMP combined medical resources and community resources to enable their residents to live a normal life. Growing confident of the GSWFMP’s work, the Foundation hopes that more people would cheer them on and give them support.