Music showcase by Angels with Broken Wings

Oct 23.2022 | Spread Happiness and Love Together With You

Wu Jiang-Ming, a special needs teacher at Dou-Nan Senior High School, got together a group of students with physical and mental disabilities from his class and formed the band, Angels with Broken Wings in 2007. At the moment the consists 16 band members, most of whom have autism or intellectual development disabilities and are from disadvantaged families. The goal is to cultivate their musical capabilities and obtain a street artist license so that they can gain confidence and have a skill to live on. On weekends or holidays, the band would be arranged to perform at corporate end-of-year parties or busy tourist spots in Taipei or Yunlin, and the income would be spent on training. The band also performs for charity as a way to give back to society.

The Foundation has long been dedicated to the band, sponsoring transportation, musical instrument repair and training fees and other expenses. On October 23, the Foundation also attend the Annual Showcase of Angels with Broken Wings to root cheer them on. Teacher Wu said that the band members went from knowing nothing about music to playing music on stage and getting the street artist license. They have come a long way. Thank you to Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation and everyone else’s support.

On the day of showcase, the band played numerous popular tunes such as Canon, Ode to Joy, and My Neighbor Totoro. The parents were moved by the sight of their kids performing on such a big stage and receiving an uproarious applause from a warm loving audience. One parent commented that what may seem like a small step is actually a giant step for these kids. Given their uncontrollable emotions and personality, it has been a very trying process. Thanks to the band, these kids could see where their life is heading.