Remote Online Health Promotion Scheme for Yunlin County communities

Oct 19.2022 | Medical Care in Remote Areas

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation teamed up with Digital Humanitarian Association and WaCare Remote Online Health Promotion Scheme and together funded 10 community long-term care stations in Yunlin County to utilize the remote health promotion and care service platform which allows medical personnel to conduct online remote clinic consultation on elders in remote rural areas for health promotion and health education services with the view of reducing emergency hospital trips through front-end preventive medicine.

The Foundation was especially invited to visit one of the sponsored community long-term care stations today: Yuemei Community in Dongshi Township. On walking into the studio, we could see that the elders were eager to start today’s aerobic workout and aerobic boxing, which were not only fun but also great for muscle strength training and cardiovascular improvement and overall body coordination. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation chairman Wu Jing-Ming joined in and had a session of aerobic boxing with the elders. Before long he was already covered in sweat. The elders followed the instructor’s every move, giving their all, ramping up their very youthful energy. Next was health education about neck and shoulder care. The instructor gave online coaching on correct posture and movement to help elders stay aware of, prevent and improve neck and shoulder soreness. The elders on site all benefited fully from the session.

One of the elders, Mama Huang said she was very thankful for the Foundation’s support and that the movement classes had made her more supple in the body and energetic in spirit. The health education got her more aware of her health conditions. Her family felt she had become livelier and was in a better mood from interacting with other elders.