Matched up Eva Air to donate post-marathon supplies

Nov 08.2022 | Charity Care Activities

Eva Air Marathon 2022 came to a successful end in October. Every year, Eva Air would spend part of its income from marathon registration fees on the financial aid for the disadvantaged groups. This year, besides donating NT$1.2 million to Kaohsiung City Gengxin Social Welfare Foundation, a charity that Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation has long been dedicated to, Eva Air decided to give a batch of post-marathon supplies through the Foundation’s matching platform to Huashan Social Welfare Foundation’s Taipei City Angels Station. The supplies included cereals, oats, soft gummies, milk tea sachets, popcorn, and shower gels, and would be distributed to disadvantaged elders that live alone. The Foundation sponsored the transportation fees and had the supplies delivered to the elders that need them.

Huashan’s Taipei City Angels Station director said that “The pandemic in the past few years have lessened people’s intention to donate funds or supplies. This batch of supplies (from Eva Air) has come at the right time before our elders get caught short. We are very thankful for the Foundation and Eva Air.”