The Foundation and Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung) cared for Genesis’ residents in a vegetative state

Dec 23.2022 | Spread Happiness and Love Together With You

Genesis Social Welfare Foundation (Keelung Branch) mainly houses people in a vegetative state. To help them raise funds, the Foundation and Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung) hosted the fund-raising event, “From bunny ceramics with endless love”. One hundred pieces of bunny ceramics released by Generis would be available for purchase on the Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung)’s sales channels. Today (Dec 23) before Christmas Eve, all proceeds (NT$130,000) would go to Genesis. The Foundation delivered the proceeds in person while checking on those living in Genesis Keelung Branch and its operation status.

The Foundation chairman Wu Jing-Ming and Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung) general manager Chen Jian-Lang went to visit Genesis Keelung Branch and handed over the proceeds for 2,600 servings of nutritious meals for those in a vegetative state and to get an understanding of the meal preparation process and check on how the care is administered. The Foundation chairman Wu Jing-Ming said that he was very pleased to see that there is such a comfortable care environment in Keelung where the professional caregivers regularly turn over and pat the back for sputum excretion to maintain hygiene and quality and do so with such care and love.

Genesis’ Keelung Branch director Li Shu-Ting felt very grateful for Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation’s annual sponsorship and recent donation of pulse oximeters and oxygenators to support front-line social welfare groups with action, improve their service quality and lessen the staff’s burden. Taking care of people in a vegetative state is a lengthy and laborious process. We hope more people would show concern and together let’s support such a meaningful task.