SummitGo Industry Co., Ltd. and Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation brought warm clothing to Wanli

Jan 07.2023 | Charity Care Activities

Taiwan has recently been hit by the cold front, one after another, resulting in a sudden drop in temperatures. The Foundation matched up with SummitGo Industry Co., Ltd., to donate 500 plus pieces of brand-new woolly hats and scarves to five elementary schools in Wanli District, New Taipei City, on January 6.

SummitGo Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in export of textiles to European and American brands and would every year donate a reserved batch of export items for social groups. Wanli in New Taipei City, close to the coast, is very cold every winter and in desperate need of warm clothing, when the northeastern winds make a noisy visit. SummitGo’s high-quality brand-new wooly hats and scarves can all be donated to students in Wanli, Yeliu, Dapeng, Daping and Kanjiao elementary schools. The Foundation held the donation ceremony on January 6 and the kids, upon receiving these items, happily put them on immediately and commented how warm they were.

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, besides giving direct support to social welfare groups and disadvantaged families, worked with charity-friendly suppliers and companies to expand their impact and reached more corners of society.