Carried on funding early intervention treatment for kids with hearing impairment in Hsinchu areas

Jan 09.2023 | Medical Care in Remote Areas

It is often a terrible blow for parents to be told their kid have hearing impairment whose inconvenience, however, can very likely be reduced or improved to the hearing ability of normal people if the doctor’s instruction is followed and early intervention treatment in place. But sadly, with rural-urban disparity, such important resources are not always available to those living in remote rural areas.

The Foundation funded the early intervention treatment for youngsters with hearing impairment in Hsinchu Angels’ Voice Association (HAVA) which arranges weekly speech therapy classes to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities so that their parents need not spend more money on frequent travels to northern Taiwan for therapy classes. Instead, with the help of an effective support system, these youngsters can go to regular school, learn and grow up in regular environments. The HAVA brings society to learn more about hearing impairment through sign language news, campus promotion and sign language between parents and kids.

The Foundation chairman Wu Jing-Ming visited the HAVA on January 9. Seeing that the kids there so focused on their studies and able to converse normally with people and learn like a normal kid, he was very pleased and said that he would continue with the sponsorship hoping to help more kids with hearing impairment start to reconnect with the world. Children with hearing impairment need our care and every one of them matters.