Maestro Li Chi-Mao and Owen Ceramics donated blessed rice with love

Jan 18.2023 | Charity Care Activities

In 2015, Li Chi-Mao, our national treasure and ink wash painter, and Feng Weng-Jun, founder of Owen Ceramics, feeling sorry for those disadvantaged families in Taiwan enduring tough life challenges, decided to contribute what they could to improve the wellbeing of those in adversities and in so doing, hoped to awaken more people to join in too. And that’s how they started the charity collaboration with Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation.

They began by donating rice which is packaged with Li or other artists’ paintings and distributed as blessed rice to social welfare groups or disadvantaged families across Taiwan through the matching of the Foundation. One packet of blessed rice stands for a well-meaning message. Over the years, nearly 4,000 packets of rice, totaling 4.2 tons, have been given to 2,736 disadvantaged families and 12 social welfare groups. Though both Li and Feng have passed away, their families and friends continued with the loving deed and carried on distributing the blessed rice packets.