Continued to care about the education of disadvantaged children in JinFeng Township, Taitung County

Feb 03.2023 | Closing the Distance Between Cities and Rural Areas, Love Never Stops

Lack of resources can often lead to attitude problems and low academic performances for children of disadvantaged families. In remote rural areas, children are usually brought up by grandparents, hence a more serious education problem and wider rural-urban disparity. The Foundation funded operation expenses of the Rulakes Love Children Book House in Jinfeng Township, Taitung County, so that it could run after-school lessons for these kids, offer them a meal, shape their character, keep them from going off the rails and eventually overturn their fate of poverty. The after-school class currently has about 10 students mostly from indigenous families. The Foundation has long been dedicated to the education of children in remote rural areas and recently paid a visit to check on them. Seeing the children doing their homework with an innocent happy smile on their face, we are certain that the Book House has become a haven of love where they can hang out and read after school.

Meizi and her husband set up this Book House. They said that due to the tribe’s mountainous remote location, the students there have very little diverse learning opportunities. The pandemic has caused unemployment in the tribe and many parents had to leave behind their kids to seek jobs farther afield, worsening the already-serious education and negligence problems and putting language and culture acquisition in jeopardy. Thanks to the support of the Foundation, the Book House has been in good operation and the children there have been making steady progress in their studies and have even grown much taller, all happy and loved.