Walk into the sun and get ready for a new start

Feb 01.2023 | Medical Care in Remote Areas

Owing to the pandemic outbreak in the past few years, many social welfare groups are faced with a donation crisis and a number of disadvantaged families suffer from job loss, wage-less leave or reduced income. Chang Yung-Fa, in the spirit of “feeling the pain as if it’s your own pain” and provided timely support to help these social welfare groups keep providing their services to disadvantaged families who were otherwise neglected because of the pandemic.

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation has been working with Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation (shortened to Sunshine) for many years offering subsidies for medical care, assistive devices, life rehabilitation, transportation and emergency financial relief to help the disadvantaged burn victims in Hualian and Taitung areas. The Foundation chairman Wu Jing-Ming recently visited Sunshine’s Eastern Service Center and donated NT$300,000 towards its rehabilitation service for patients with burn injuries. While there, we saw a person whom the Foundation supported before. At a tender young age, she was having to endure the lengthy process of rehabilitation. We felt sorry for her and cheered her on.

Sunshine’s Eastern Service Center director Tsai Zhan-Ru expressed gratitude for Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation’s long-standing support and pouring resources in Hualian and Taitung areas, thus minimizing the impact of distance and lack of medical resources. Plus everyone else’s encouragement and concern, victims of burn injuries shall not be alone in their rehabilitation process. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation chairman Wu Jing-Ming said that social welfare groups are a key part of the social security net. For them to stop offering their services will worsen the predicament of the disadvantaged groups receiving their services. The Foundation will carry on working with Sunshine to provide mental and physical rehabilitation services to those with burn injuries in Hualian and Taitung areas.