Together let’s take wing against the wind

Feb 02.2023 | Closing the Distance Between Cities and Rural Areas, Love Never Stops

Christian Born Anew Fellowship’s Hualian Faith Hope Love Academy (Academy) takes care of kids from dysfunctional families. These kids are often under the influence of the environments, prone to self-identity confusion or blindly following other people and eventually have behavioral problems. The Academy provides everyday care and education & consultation hoping to lead the astray kids back to the right path.

Now in their formative years, they are often hot-blooded, strong-headed, energetic, competitive and tough to manage. As such, the Academy teamed up with Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation to organize a sports training scheme combining unicycle and road running. The kids were arranged to train on weekends and winter/summer holidays and signed up for competitions. We hope that they would gain self-confidence and encouragement from the competition as well as cultivating a positive character, and in the meantime taking on the competition as a self-challenge and an opportunity for self-breakthrough. The Foundation chairman Wu Jing-Ming visited the Academy in person and checked on these kids. Chairman Wu encouraged them to be courageous in the face of setbacks so as to make progress and carve out their own path.

The Academy executive secretary Chen Long-Quan expressed gratitude for the Foundation’s long-standing support and resources to help those teenagers with behavioral disorders build correct values and stay away from crime. The aim is for them to reintegrate back to society and reduce the burden on the family and society.