Teamed up with Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taichung to host a charity gala for 300 people

Feb 07.2023 | Charity Care Activities

The recent frequent cold spells and the pandemic have put a strain on the operation of many social welfare groups. As we are coming up to the 30th anniversary of Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung), Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation along with the Hotel invited about 300 residents of the five social welfare groups under the Slow flying Angels Family to the “From Evergreen with love: charity gala” today (the 7th). The invited groups were St. Colette Catholic Taichung Center for Special Needs, Veterans’ Service Department of Changhua, Love for All Association, Nantou Qinai Elementary School and Digital Humanitarian Association. We supported charity with action. Owen Ceramics, Maestro Li Chi-Mao and SummitGo Industry Co., Ltd. joined in on the fun and donated blessed rice packets and woolly hats too. On the day the VIP attendees included Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation chairman Wu Jing-Ming, Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung) general manager Huang Zhi-Guang, St. Colette Catholic Taichung Center for Special Needs director Huang Ming-Ya, Veterans’ Service Department of Changhua director Yang Yu-Rong, Love for All Association priest Wang Su-Zhen, Qinai Elementary School principal Zhan Su-Er, and Digital Humanitarian Association CEO Pan Ren-Hao.

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation chairman Wu Jing-Ming stated that the pandemic has impacted consumer spending and caused a deduction in donations for social welfare groups. The Foundation and the Hotel hoped to bring some support and warmth to the front-line social workers that serve people in dire situations, hence this charity gala. Let’s hope that more people and companies will join in and give a helping hand to see them through this adversity.

The dinner began with a rendition of “Let me say Thank You” a song by children from Love for All Association as a way to express gratitude for those who have helped them, followed by the Taikoo performance by St. Colette Catholic Taichung Center for Special Needs to lighten up the atmosphere. The organizer also brought out a birthday cake for those whose birthdays fell in February, along with new-edition ceramic thermos bottles as the present printed with the poem by Tagore: Influence Life with Life. Everyone was overawed by the cake and the present. When the Hotel brought out these signature dishes: Taiwan-Style Buddha’s Temptation, Huaiyang Wuxi Spareribs, Chicken Stew with Cordyceps Militaris and champion Egg Yolk Pastry, everyone was overwhelmed by the love behind the sumptuous feast which was brought to end in the singing and dancing performance by Qinai Elementary School in Nantou.
St. Colette Catholic Taichung Center for Special Needs director Huang Ming-Ya expressed gratitude for the Foundation and Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung)’s long-standing support, which was even expanded despite the pandemic. Veterans’ Service Department of Changhua director Yang Yu-Rong said that they have been planning for some time to take the elders out dining in a hygienic Evergreen Hotel. Finally, their dream has come true. Qinai Elementary School principal Zhan Su-Er said that the Hotel has been great and provides a venue for the students to exhibit their works and a stage for students to perform. Love for All Association priest Wang Su-Zhen said that those supported by the Foundation are all from disadvantaged families in special circumstances and this is their first-time dining in a top-notch hotel, hence a great encouragement for them to work hard, stay upbeat and be rewarded with a delicious feast and an unforgettable childhood memory.

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation joined hands with Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung) utilizing the hotel brand’s resources to host all kinds of charity events including the Mother’s Day “Buy One Donate One” special package in its 10th year in addition to receiving visits from disadvantaged youths, treating disadvantaged families to stay at the hotel for a special dream come true package and inviting the business sector to join in on the donation and spread more love and warmth to all corners of society.