Funded TMU Green Cross Health Service Association’s volunteer clinic service in Yunlin County

Feb 02.2023 | Medical Care in Remote Areas

Initiated by the late Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital nephrologist Lin Jie-Liang, TMU Green Cross Health Service Association’s voluntary medical consultation includes clinic services, family visits, elementary school health education camps with a view to promoting medical information. The Foundation funded the TMU medical consultation in 4 villages in Kouhu Township, Yunlin County: Chenglong, Gangxi, Wubei, Taizi, and two elementary schools: Taixing and Jinhu. The team was led by practicing doctors and pharmacists for clinic services, dental care and health & education to implement the concept that preventive medicine works better than treatment and improve the health of those living in rural areas.

The three-day clinic service served about 180 people (most of whom were elders and children for dental examination); the two-day health & education elementary school camps saw about 80 schoolkids; the team visited about 180 households mostly in Chenglong, Gangxi, Wubei and Taizi villages and met mostly elders. Student Lin expressed gratitude for the Foundation’s sponsorship for the medical consultation to the 2023 Tung Kouhu Team.