Chang Yung-Fa Charitable Foundation Joins Hands with Taiwan PULI Care Association in Acts of Kindness through Food

Oct 18.2023 | Spread Happiness and Love Together With You

The Taiwan PULI Care Association, a registered organization, primarily serves the Tainan and Kaohsiung areas, providing services such as operating food banks, promoting food education, offering after-school tutoring in rural areas, providing emergency relief, and caring for elderly individuals living alone. Annually, they organize gatherings for the homeless and vulnerable families. Since 2019, the association has established five food bank locations in Tainan City's East District, aiding disadvantaged and impoverished families in overcoming hunger and offering substantial assistance. The Zhang Rong-Fa Charitable Foundation, starting in 2020, joined hands with the Taiwan PULI Care Association, contributing resources to establish the Nansi Food Bank.

Mrs. Zhang Hui-Fang, Chairperson of the Taiwan PULI Care Association, expressed sincere gratitude for the collaboration with the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation in promoting charitable acts through food. During the outbreak of the pandemic, many people faced unemployment and economic hardships, rendering them unable to purchase food or essential supplies. Consequently, the number of people applying for assistance from food banks significantly increased. The collaboration aims to provide immediate help to vulnerable individuals, offering supplies to alleviate hunger, enhance nutrition, and reduce the caregiving burden on families.

Mr. Wu Jing-Ming, Chairman of the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, mentioned that the foundation has been deeply involved in caring for communities across Taiwan. In recent years, various factors, including the pandemic, conflicts, and monetary policies, have contributed to a global inflation crisis. This is especially evident in the rising prices of food and daily necessities, impacting vulnerable families. The foundation has observed an increase in the number of emergency aid cases. In the future, the foundation will continue its efforts to care for, support, and assist disadvantaged families in rural areas through various means.