Caring for the Development Center of RuoZhuEr Education Foundation in Chiayi

Oct 17.2023 | Spread Happiness and Love Together With You

With approximately 100,000 individuals with intellectual disabilities in Taiwan, the lack of caregiving institutions means that less than 5% have the opportunity to receive services. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the percentage of disabled individuals residing in institutions is around 6% in the northern region and only 3% in the southern region, highlighting the urban-rural resource disparity. The foundation has been a long-time supporter of the RuoZhuEr Education Foundation in Chiayi County, specifically its affiliated Intelligence Development Center. A recent visit to provide care revealed the joyful smiles of these "big angels," illustrating that the center's services indeed bring dignity and a quality life to its beneficiaries.

The RuoZhuEr Intelligence Development Center serves individuals with intellectual disabilities and other associated conditions above the age of 18. The center focuses on developing life skills and social adaptation abilities, aiming to contribute to the harmonious development of families and alleviate the societal burden. The name " RuoZhuEr " phonetically resembles "weak intellect," expressing the hope that, like bamboo, these individuals can grow strong and peaceful. The center currently serves around 40 individuals and has recently completed construction on a new, full-time residential home, anticipating a continuous increase in the number of beneficiaries.

The Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation 's visit, they witnessed patient guidance and companionship from the special education instructors. The "big angels" showed progress compared to the previous year, displaying increased mobility and a more proactive approach to maintaining a clean environment. One resident even exhibited an impressive talent for painting. Chairman Lin Penghui expressed sincere gratitude for the foundation's long-term companionship and support, acknowledging that it has helped cultivate confidence and capabilities in the individuals at the center. The entire staff is committed to continuing their efforts, contributing wholeheartedly to realizing the maximum potential of RuoZhuEr.