Taiwan Elite International Rescue Foundation

Aug 24.2021 | Disaster Relief and Assistance

Taiwan has long been threatened by natural disasters such as earthquakes and torrential rains, and disaster relief and rescue is a critical issue that cannot be overlooked, and disaster relief capacity should be replenished daily so that we can handle all contingencies.

Whenever a severe disaster strikes, civilian rescue groups often show up for the rescue mission. But they often have to pay for their own equipment, training, transportation, food and accommodation. The rescuers don’t even complain about having their income reduced from their day jobs. Additionally, the rescue team has to keep spending much of their own free time on training in order to be equipped with gear operating and professional rescue capabilities and cope with unexpected disasters.

Taiwan Elite International Rescue Association (TEIRA) is Taiwan’s only civilian group that trains and has rescue dogs. Currently it has three rescue dogs in service and three under training. The TEIRA possesses on-land and in-water rescue capabilities. It has garnered plenty of rescue experience having taken part in the rescue missions in 921 Earthquake, Typhoon Morakot Disaster, Kaohsiung Gas Explosion, Feb-06 Tainan Earthquake, and Feb-06 Hualian Earthquake. The foundation has been sponsoring the training and management expenses of the TEIRA including funding the training of new rescue dogs to replace the retired service dogs in a bid to maintain the rescue capacity.

The Foundation chairman, Wu Jing-Ming, visited the TEIRA in person the other day to learn about its operation and to express support.

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