" Little happiness link Social Welfare Foundation 's" Health Promotion and Environmental Adaptation Journey Around the Home

Oct 24.2023 | Spread Happiness and Love Together With You

Individuals with intellectual disabilities often face challenges in social adaptation, and without continuous care and support after the age of 18, they may encounter various issues in their daily lives and work. Little happiness link Social Welfare Foundation provides case management and vocational training for 24 families with intellectually disabled individuals in the Keelung and Greater Taipei areas. In recent years, the foundation has planned to relocate its operations to the newly built home in Ruibin, New Taipei City, providing a more spacious environment for work and life. While the relevant infrastructure and software are continuously being developed, they have recently encountered challenges in adapting to the new environment. On October 24, the foundation organized the "Health Promotion and Home Surroundings Adaptation Journey" to address these issues.

The foundation includes the Bear House Bakery, where cakes and handmade cookies are produced, aiming to cultivate vocational skills. They also provide services such as psychological and life support, training in product promotion, transportation assistance, and traffic training. The Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, in an effort to convey social warmth, emphasizes the importance of mental and physical health issues for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Chairman Wu Jingming led a caring team to accompany Little happiness link Social Welfare Foundation 's participants on a visit to the nearby Gold Museum. The participants engaged in a hill hike to the Gold Shrine, tried their hand at gold panning, and entered former mining tunnels for an immersive experience, all followed by a sumptuous meal.

Little happiness link Social Welfare Foundation 's participants expressed their joy, with one saying, "Thank you to the foundation for taking us out to play. Today was very happy, the scenery was beautiful, and lunch was delicious." Another participant, Little Ying, mentioned, "This place is very close to the new home; I want to come here again in the future." Zhao Youlin, Chairman of the Little happiness link Social Welfare Foundation, expressed gratitude to the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation for its long-term companionship, keen observation of needs, and timely assistance in planning this unforgettable activity. She believes that in the future, they will smoothly transition to a new life in their new home.