Holy Word Foundation Children’s Home

Aug 25.2021 | Closing the Distance Between Cities and Rural Areas, Love Never Stops

The Holy Word Foundation Children’s Home (the Children’s Home) currently houses 20 children and teens aged 3 to 16 from abusive or negligent families or having no family or dependents and offers them emergency, mid- to long-term housing and support.

The Foundation has been sponsoring the management expenses of the Children’s Home since 2018. With education being its primary focus, the Children’s Home gives their children/teens options of art and craft classes that they can choose from with an aim to boost their art and craft capabilities and confidence that will help enhance their future character development. So the Foundation particularly funds initiatives that will boost the children/teens’ confidence.

The Foundation chairman, Wu Jing-Ming also, visited the Children’s Home along with the Foundation crew to understand their current state of learning and gifted the staff, children and teens with hand-shaken beverages of their own choice. Everyone had a good time.

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