Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation Recognized by MOE Once Again for Its Contributions to Funding and Promoting Education

Oct 16.2021 | 獲獎殊榮

The Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation worked with Taipei Medical University in sponsoring charitable projects like “Youths and Elders Dine Together”, “Youths and Elders Share Habitation”, sponsoring disadvantaged students, free clinic service in rural areas, and summer/winter service camps, and was given by the Ministry of Education an honorable mention for giving donations to support education.

The Foundation has long partnered with Taipei Medical University, organizing meals and networking activities for students, community elders and solitary elders living alone, in order to encourage solitary elders and disadvantaged elders to come out of their homes, enhance interpersonal and social interactions, and increase their willingness to participate in health promotion activities and long-term care programs. The results of these initiatives have been impressive. It not only encourages the elderly living alone and disadvantaged to get out of their homes, but also enhances the sense of belonging in the community, which greatly improves the sense of community care and happiness.

Subsequently, the Foundation pushed for the Youths and Elders Share Habitation initiative following the spirit of Energizing the aging; Blending the generations in order for young students and elders to occupy a shared living space to help each other out and to keep each other company. The goal is to resolve the housing issues while strengthening the bonds across different generations. In addition, the Foundation also subsidizes disadvantaged students with living grants to enable them to attend school with peace of mind, and sponsor medical service teams to conduct charity social service activities such as volunteer clinics in remote areas and summer and winter service camps in order to bring medical resources and knowledge to every corner of Taiwan.

The Foundation is grateful to the Ministry of Education for the recognition of the "Contributions to Education" award. Today, the Chairman of the Foundation, Wu Ching-Ming, accepted the award on behalf of the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation. In the future, the Foundation will continue to help the disadvantaged groups and students, and actively launch social welfare projects for a better future of Taiwan.

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