UNI Air and the Foundation co-hosted the I Believe I Can Fly aviation career seminar

Oct 30.2019 | Closing the Distance Between Cities and Rural Areas, Love Never Stops

UNI Air and the Foundation together hosted the I Believe I Can Fly aviation career seminar on October 30 in Kaohsiung’s rural areas targeting five junior high schools in Namaxia, Maolin, Taoyuan, Jiaxian, and Liugui. Present at the seminar were cabin and ground crews to give their personal experience working in the aviation industry so as to spur the passion of the students living in remote mountainous areas.

Students and teachers from the five junior high schools travelled from far and wide and endured bumpy rides on winding mountain roads to arrive at this rare precious event. The farthest they had to travel was from Nanmaxia which took up to 1.5 hours. Over 300 students and teachers jam-packed the Great Hall auditorium of the Evergreen Education Building in Liugui Senior High School. What a bustling scene, indeed. The seminar was attended by Wu Rong-Feng, Director-General of the Education Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government and the principals of all five junior high school.
The event began with Evergreen Symphony Orchestra’s string quartet playing compelling and familiar music, one tune after another, impressing the entire audience with their amazing performance so much so that the students’ academic stress was banished for the time being.

UNI Air chairman, Lin Zhi-Zhing, pointed out, “Flight attendants and pilots have always taken the limelight. But for each flight to be safely completed requires the hard work and professional dedication of numerous behind-the-scenes staff. Each post is highly important. Hope you will continue to substantialize your credentials and with diligent hard work, one day you can all become a professional in the aviation industry.” "

Airport Operation lecturer, Lu Gui-Qin, in front-line contact with passengers and representing the airline company, and plane repair engineer, Hu Yong-Hua, nicknamed “Airplane Doctor”, took turns talking about passenger services and preboarding tasks at the airport, as well as the importance of plane repair safety. Qin Guo-Cai, current ATR captain, talked about his path to becoming a captain and taking the captain exam and the necessary personal qualities and qualifications as a captain based on his own experience. He encouraged the students to work hard and stay focused. Chen Tian-Zhi, the beautiful flight attendant, talked about how she became a flight attendant and the bittersweet nature of her job. The students in the audience deeply resonated with the endeavors and passion of these aviation professionals.

UNI Air and the Foundation together donated 1,000 basketballs to junior high schools in Kaohsiung via Kaohsiung Education Bureau hoping that students will strengthen their fitness outside the studies. The Foundation encouraged the students with these words, “We only live once. So let’s be brave in pursuing our dreams. Persist and don’t give up. Cultivate your professional capabilities to find the right career path that suits you.” "

Wu Rong-Feng, Director-General of the Education Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, said, “Kaohsiung City Government takes it very seriously regarding students’ career exploration and self-understanding. We hope to implement career development at a young age through career exploration. A big thank you to UNI Air and the Foundation for exposing Kaohsiung students to diverse career education resources and sharing these professionals’ experiences with them in a bid to encourage them to start early planning for future careers.

Ye Shu-Yan, Liugui Senior High School’s director, said, “Thank you to the Foundation for helping us rebuild the Evergreen Education Building in the wake of Typhoon Morakot benefiting students in Liuqui and its nearby areas. Now the Foundation teams up with UNI Air to bring career seminars to remote rural areas, while leading children in remote rural areas into the world and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. We are very touched.”

UNI Air and the Foundation have long been dedicated to education in remote rural areas and work together to bridge the urban-rural education gap, having co-hosted 7 aviation career seminars since 2015, reaching over 5,100 students and teachers in 38 junior and senior high schools spanning Penghu, Mazu, Kinmen, Hualian, Taitung and Pingtung hoping to help more students in rural areas explore career options and courageously pursue their dreams.