UNI Air captain and flight attendant encouraged Pingtung kids to fly high and dream big

Apr 16.2019 | Closing the Distance Between Cities and Rural Areas, Love Never Stops

Why are window blinds open and the lights dimmed during the plane takeoff and landing? Why do airplanes have rounded windows? Why is it best not to swap seats right after boarding? There are so many details about the airplane that we never think of, but it requires so many hard-working, professional and dedicated behind-the-scenes staff to complete the execution of a safe flight.
UNI Air and the Foundation together hosted the I Believe I Can Fly aviation career seminar on April 16 in Pingtung’s six junior high schools. Cabin and ground crews were on hand to give their personal experience working in the aviation industry so as to inform the students of the diverse aspects of the aviation industry. The seminar was attended by over 900 students and teachers whose passion was like the energetic zealous sun in southern Taiwan.
Also present at the seminar were Jiang Guo-Liang, director of the Education Department of Pingtung County Government; Zhang Chun-Gui, chief of Checheng Township; Li Cong-Wen, director of Hengchun Airport; Liao Yan-Min, representative of Fangshan Township Office, along with six junior high school principals from Checheng, Mudan, Hengchun, Manzhou, and Fangliao. The event began with Evergreen Orchestra’s brass quintet playing robust, full-bodied, ever-changing notes, at times dynamic and energetic and at others low and mellow. Its enchanting performance was a brand-new musical experience for all students and teachers in the audience.
Xu Long-Wei, current ATR captain, a resident of Pingtung for over 25 years, talked about his path to becoming a professional pilot covering his experience of taking pilot exams and the necessary personal qualities and qualifications as a captain based on his own experience. Lai Mei-Hua, a flight attendant born and raised in Pingtung, talked about how she step by step fulfilled her dream of becoming a flight attendant. Also, a plane repair engineer nicknamed “Airplane Doctor” spoke about the importance of airplane repair and safety, and an airport operation worker outlined her tasks from airport check-in counters to preboarding passenger services. The content was so lively and well delivered that all students and teachers were immersed in the merriment of the aviation world. Worth mentioning is that all content was recorded and would be uploaded to online AV platforms by the Education Department of Pingtung County Government so that those unable to attend the seminar today could watch it online later on thus benefiting more students.
Additionally, UNI Air and the Foundation together donated basketballs to all 758 classes of junior and senior high schools in Pingtung County, one ball for each class, hoping that students would strengthen their fitness outside their school studies. Jiang Guo-Liang, director of the Education Department of Pingtung County Government, said, “Pingtung County Government takes education very seriously aiming to educate our students in line with human-based, ambition-driven and capability-nurtured.” Thank you to UNI Air and the Foundation for giving Pingtung students a chance to connect with the outside world and for exposing them to multifaceted career education resources with the view of expanding their horizon, encouraging them to study hard and planning their future careers early.
Hengchun Junior High School principal, Wu Shi-Rong, stated, “This aviation seminar is unprecedented for a school located in Hengchun Peninsula and therefore very precious to our students. They’ve all had a good time. So a total of close to 300 students in Hengchun Junior High School have all shown up today to make good use of this rare opportunity and explore aviation career possibilities. "
UNI Air chairman, Lin Zhi-Zhong, said, “Airplane pilots and flight attendants have always been most people’s dream jobs. But for an aircraft of multi-million tonnes to successfully soar to the sky and to ensure safe and comfortable passenger services requires personnel collaboration of different job capacities. Hope you will all stay open, continue to substantiate your credentials, improve your cross-sector learning capabilities and find your own path that suits you.” "
The Foundation encouraged the students saying, “Life is inherently full of all kinds of challenges. To live a fabulous life requires repeated efforts. Stand up to the challenges courageously in order to come to the other side of adversities. What other people think does not matter; what matters is believing in yourself. UNI Air and the Foundation have long been dedicated to education in remote rural areas and have since 2015 been hosting up to 6 aviation career seminars reaching over 4,200 students and teachers in 32 junior and senior high schools spanning Penghu, Mazu, Kinmen, Hualian and Taitung in a joint effort to bridge the urban-rural education gap and hope to assist more students in rural areas in their pursuit of dreams.