UNI Air teamed up with the Foundation to help students in rural areas to fly high

Dec 13.2018 | Closing the Distance Between Cities and Rural Areas, Love Never Stops

UNI Air and the Foundation have since 2015 been hosting up to 5 sessions of the I Believe I Can Fly aviation career seminar for students in remote rural areas reaching out to over 3,300 students and teachers in 23 junior and senior high schools spanning Penghu, Mazu, Kinmen and Hualian. The seminar has received great acclaim for stimulating the students to be optimistic and dream big. Today (13th) the seminar took place in Taitung, open to over 900 students and teachers in 9 junior high schools. The seminar had a carnival-like buzz to it.
Taitung County’s major, Huang Jian-Ting and his wife, along with Lu Yu-Ling, deputy director of the Education Department of Taitung County Government and Zhan Huai-Yuan, director of Taitung Airport to show their high regard for the event. The event began with Evergreen Symphony Orchestra’s string quartet playing compelling and familiar music winning a roaring round of applause from the audience of students and teachers. Born in Taitung, Zhang Zheng-Shun currently an ATR captain, and Song Mei-Feng, flight attendant, were present to talk about how they fulfilled their dream careers step by step. Aircraft and airport operation personnel were on hand to outline the professional management governing flight safety, e.g., regular aircraft maintenance and repair and ground crew workflow. The lecture content was informative and engaging, leaving the students and teachers more knowledgeable about the world of aviation.
A student, surnamed Li, of Tunghai Junior High School, said, “Today I have learned a lot about the aviation industry. Now I know it’s quite multifaceted and very professional. I feel encouraged to one day enter the aviation industry too.”
UNI Air and the Foundation together donated 289 Spalding basketballs to each of all the classes in junior high schools across Taitung County, hoping that the students will strengthen their fitness outside their studies. Also, each student was gifted with the book Original Intention, written by Mr. Chang Rong-Fa, hoping that the students will learn from the Evergreen founder and remain fearless, charge ahead and create infinite possibilities.
UNI Air chairman, Lin Zhi-Zhong, said, “As investigated by the Cheers magazine, two Taiwan-based aircraft companies have been selected for eight consecutive years since 2011 to be among the top 20 enterprises that are most desired by the new-generation youths. This shows that the aviation industry is a much desirable sector that people would like to enter. It relies on a group of professionals in order for a flight to take off with no hiccups. Behind the flashy uniforms of the pilots and flight attendants are stringent training procedures. Hope that you will all be brave in the face of challenges, and you shall eventually soar to the sky.” "
The foundation encouraged the students with these words: “Life is filled with difficulties and challenges. As long as we are passionate and optimistic, we will be fearless in the face of setbacks. You should strengthen your competitiveness and continue to study, as opportunities are for those who are prepared.” Huang Jian-Ting, Taitung County Mayor, said, “Thank you to UNI Air and Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation for this meaningful and informative career seminar that introduces our students to the multifaceted aviation industry, expands their horizon, exposes them to knowledge beyond their textbooks and improve their ability to connect with the outside world.