Donated pandemic prevention supplies and equipment to Taipei City Police Department

Jun 22.2021 | Disaster Relief and Assistance

The pandemic has worsened recently, and New Taipei City and Taipei City are bearing the brunt of it, increasing extra workloads for the frontline police besides exposing them to high risks of virus infection. A good number of the infection cases did break out of late in the police force thus causing a great deal of physical and mental stress among the police personnel.

To protect the frontline police, #the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation’s chairman, Wu Jing-Ming, instantly instructed a purchase of pandemic prevention supplies including 1,000 protective garments, 2,500 goggles, 2,500 protective masks, and 250 forehead thermometers, and donated them to the Taipei City Police Department. The goal is to modify the frontline police force’s preventive gear so that they can protect themselves while continuing to safeguard the safety of the people.

#Safeguard police against pandemic  

#Stand with you  

#Combat pandemic together