Distinguished from fundraising projects, general donations, without specifying a designated purpose, provide more flexibility in supporting our organization's efforts in accordance with our donation regulations. These funds are used for emergency relief, medical assistance, funeral subsidies, disaster relief, donations to other charitable organizations, organizing public welfare activities, and other charitable initiatives. The aim is to provide immediate assistance to vulnerable individuals.
Chang Rong Fa Charity Foundation has been committed to philanthropy for the long term. Our surveyors have visited various regions across Taiwan, leaving their caring footprints in remote mountain tribes and coastal fishing villages. They conduct on-site visits to impoverished families facing illness, injuries, the loss of family members, or unforeseen circumstances. We strive to understand their difficulties and listen to their voices, providing them with timely financial assistance and diverse services, like a shower of instant relief, to help them overcome their hardships.
Each year, we engage in over 5,000 cases of emergency assistance, disaster relief, medical support, funeral subsidies, and donations to other public welfare organizations. If you also share our vision, we welcome you to join us in doing charitable work and actively contribute by making a donation to our foundation.