If we don’t park here, then where!?

Jun 08.2018 | Author : 正恭

When driving, a keen sense of observation is only one of the foundational skills of a case investigator, but a more important and advanced skill is to find a parking space!

Not only are there poor people waiting for help in the rural and suburban areas, but there are also people waiting for us in the densely populated urban areas. But for investigators conducting interviews in urban areas, the biggest challenge is not finding the households they need to visit, but finding parking spaces!

One time we went to visit a man with an injured leg who lived in an old market in Sanchong District, surrounded by a lot of traffic. Cars can’t even enter, and there aren't even parking lots around the area. We kept driving around, naive in thinking it would only take 15 minutes to get from the office to this place, but we spent almost 20 minutes just searching for a parking space! Suddenly, out of the corner of our eye👁, we spotted a car in the distance about to leave a parking spot. Without hesitation, and ensuring we don't violate any rules or compromise safety, we quickly made a U-turn, accelerated forward and exclaimed, " If we don’t park here, then where!?" In an instant, it brought laughter to everyone in the car.

crowded market/district
Crowded market/district
The only parking space with cars parked in front and behind.
The only parking space with cars parked in front and behind.