Take it to the next level, because the needy are waiting for us

Jan 12.2022 | Author :

The Olympic Games 🎽is a spectacular event with 110-meter hurdles. In front of the case investigator's eyes, there are layers upon layers of hurdle-like stairs. Keelung is a city with many mountains, and many cases are located halfway up or even at the top of the mountain. While you don't need to run at a 100-meter sprint, but after climbing up one whole layer of stairs, there is another whole layer, and when you go up again, you are already drenched in sweat😅. Even so, when you look up, there is still more stairs that seem to reach the sky, so you can't help but sigh at the sight of so many stairs!
But cases that need help are still waiting
After exhausting all stamina, climbing the stairs is already as difficult as jumping hurdles. Just take your time and climb the stairs. After all, you can’t visit a case subject when irritable and in ill temperament.
After passing through the narrow and winding alleyways, we finally reached the case subject’s house with a mottled appearance, "Sorry, you can’t even ride motorcycles
🛵 up here, it's very tiring to climb up here, right?" the case subject asked. After wiping off the sweat, the case investigator hurriedly replied "no, no, it's not bad to come up here to marvel at the 🌌 scenery!" After sitting down and catching his breath, he immediately got to work understanding the case subject’s predicament and where help is needed 📋.
This requires some patience and engagement with the case subject to fully understand.