The "siege" of everyone under COVID-19

Nov 24.2021 | Author : 長青

Two years ago, in the winter, a storm swept across the world unlike any other in contemporary times, impacting us profoundly🌬. Many events were forced to cancel or condensed into virtual meetings with each connection represented by a link. People's faces were obscured, leaving only vague impressions of partially masked faces. The color of the masks became the only aspect of appearance that people had control over, while the rest was filled with 😨silent expressions and the flow of eye contact.

In the few remaining exchanges, facial expressions are no longer effective in aiding people to understand and express their emotions, and they can only try to surmise each other's thoughts through words and the only 👀 window of the soul. Such a sense of distance should have aroused the desire for interaction with people by bridging the gap, right? However, after actually observing the situation, I found that everything went against what I had expected.🙄

The lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions is something most people are looking forward to, but some don't think so. During this period, the masks are not a hindrance, they are a perfect shield for them. With a mask on and a fleeting glance, one can easily evade revealing their true thoughts. The same goes for the online meetings 💻, where the participants are disguised as a single profile picture, icon, or avatar and no one can truly see each other’s true faces. This is how we bide our time hiding and avoiding each other. Even when it came time to exchange ideas, few were willing to press the button to turn on the microphone and camera 🤷‍♀ - something that could have been done with a couple of clicks of a mouse.

The emphasis during the epidemic was on social distancing, which is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods against the 🗣️ droplet transmission of the COVID-19 virus. But it seems like at some point, the distance within each other's hearts has also been drawn further apart. A sense of mistrust permeates the entire society, causing people to easily cast disdainful, fearful and suspicious glances at others' coughs🤧. Simultaneously, they become overly sensitive to their own every action and movement. While we may not be able to change the established epidemic control regulations🧑🔬, we can try to adjust our own mindset. Instead of isolating ourselves, it is important for each individual to recognize the need for self-awareness and demonstrate an open-mindedness 🙆‍♀, tolerance and understanding. Only by doing so can we maintain the efficiency of society.

As we approach the moment when mask mandates are lifted, people will inevitably need to readjust and regain their previous coping mechanisms. A sense of anxiety and concern may once again permeate the social mood during this transitional period, and worries will inevitably resurface. A period of adjustment in interpersonal connections is impending, and perhaps some individuals may not be able to quickly let go and engage in open and straightforward authentic communication. That's okay. Regardless, let's start by giving each other a long-awaited warm smile!





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