[Good fate and bad fate are all to be thankful for]

Jan 14.2022 | Author : 芬姐

[Contemplation Station]

What is fate? 🕵 The saying goes: Fate brings people together no matter how far apart they may be. The reason for this is to meet the person you should meet, because there is a fate to meet, because it is owed to you to encounter each other, because you are deeply bound by fate to become companions of each other, but your paths will also diverge if the fate is shallow.

It is due to destiny that we traverse through the vast sea of people to fulfill the promises of our past lives. Fate is predetermined by the heavens, and regardless of whom you encounter, it is because of unfinished matters from previous lives that we meet in this lifetime. Destiny cannot be forced. Every person you meet or miss out on is meant to be. Whether it's to accompany or to part ways, to love or to separate, the fact that you have encountered them is fate. Whether or not it is a positive or toxic karmic relationship, it is the best arrangement from above. It is meant to benefit us or help us learn and grow within the realm of destiny.

Therefore, being able to meet someone is luck, and being able to be the companions of each other is a blessing. Please cherish every person you encounter, whether it's a loved one, a family member, a friend, or even someone who makes you uncomfortable. It is only by treating them with love and gratitude that our hearts can be warmed. Only by cherishing them wholeheartedly can relationships last. Treat each relationship with kindness. Be grateful to those who treat you well and learn to give to those who love you, for they are the ones who genuinely care for you and will accompany you throughout your life. The connections we make in this lifetime should be fulfilled in this lifetime, and the affections of this lifetime should be made clear to those we hold dear. Because once this life is completed, it comes to an end. Who knows if there will be another reincarnation?

When it comes to worldly relationships, it is important to keep them clear in this world, whether they are harmonious karmic connections or ill-fated relationships. I became resentful and depressed due to grudges, retired due to illness and even then only several years later to truly understand the real meaning of fate. No matter whether your life is painful, horrible, or happy, no matter whether your life is a failure, flat or smooth-sailing. In fact, every step you take is a script carefully planned and arranged by God for you, and you will be happy as long as you play your role with an open and obedient heart.

In ill-fated relationships, we learn to be patient, forgiving and even strive harder to prove ourselves successful to those who have caused us difficulties. Therefore, in the end, we must still be grateful to those who played the role of adversaries, as they inspire us to pursue success more earnestly.