[Love with a warm and humble attitude to live a wonderful life]

Sep 03.2021 | Author : 芬姐

Everyone has to go sometime, the key is how to make life an exciting adventure worth living! 🎬 As we enter the twilight of our lives, we look back on the roads we have traveled, the people we have spent time with, the things we have worked hard for📽, and our hearts are filled with gratitude, because to have had all of those is to be happy and blessed. The key is, are you currently at peace in your heart and do you lead a happy life?

Chinese poet and writer Mr. Gu Sui once said, "A person should approach their endeavors with the awareness of the impermanence of life, and live a life that balances a pessimistic view with an optimistic outlook." Mr. Feng Zikai, a famous painter and essayist formerly known as Feng Run, said: "If you love, life can be lovely anywhere. If you hate, life can be spiteful anywhere." It's not the world that chose you, but you that chose the world 🗝🗝🗝. Since there is no nirvana, why not strive for a calm heart instead? Since desires may not be fulfilled, isn’t it better to find contentment?

In life, one should be 3 parts carefree and 7 parts content. To be a little bit carefree doesn't mean being foolish or stupid; it means being insightful about worldly matters. Life is not so black and white, and not everything needs to be perfectly clear. It's fine to be clear-minded about important matters and a bit more relaxed about minor things. That's how it should be. To be content as a person is not about being lazy or timid, but rather being enlightened of the truth of life; life doesn't always go as smoothly as we want, and not everything can be achieved effortlessly. It's better to have less greed and more contentment. That way, things will turn out better.

Fools have their luck, and the simple-minded have their own innocence.
Flowers bloom in spring, the moon is bright in autumn, summer brings cool breezes, and winter brings snow. Don't let trivial matters weigh on your mind, for it is a wonderful season!

The famous writer Lin Ching-Hsuan, who believes in Buddhism, said: View the world with a calm and tranquil mind, live life with a joyful heart, find beauty in the ordinary with an open heart, and let go of obstacles with a gentle heart.

Virginia Woolf, a famous British writer, said: No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself. 💃🕺

In life, one should not scheme against others. Calculating for a short-term gain may not work out in the long run. It is possible to contend with a noble person, but it is difficult to contend with a petty person. Having impure intentions and constantly scheming and calculating will ultimately harm oneself.

No one is a fool, so don't take advantage of honest people. Calculating may bring temporary benefits, but it will cost you long-term relationships. People with narrow minds are the ones who tend to scheme and fight over the most trivial things. The more you calculative in life, the narrower your path becomes, and it becomes increasingly difficult to find genuine friends.

The road of life is rough and difficult, but only with love can we live happily and wonderfully.