The wisdom of enjoyment, ownership and possession

Jun 08.2021 | Author : 芬姐

When a group of friends went on a "Happy trip to Elephant Mountain (Xiangshan)" and looked at the Taipei 101 building, one of them said, "Look, that building is mine, it just hasn’t been transferred over to me yet." We all laughed because we all knew that Taipei 101 was not his, but when we saw the beauty of the Taipei 101 building, we felt very happy.

When you think about it, no matter whose name the Taipei 101 building is registered under, if you can marvel at the spectacular and beautiful view of the Taipei 101 building, you can enjoy it, and it is yours! Even if the Taipei 101 building is really registered in our name, what use is it to us? Instead, we would have to spend time and effort to hire someone to help manage it, how tiring would that be 😔! We just need to enjoy it, we don't need to own or possess it.

By the same token, in our living environment, we should just have time to enjoy, it doesn't matter if we own or possess.  When you can enjoy yourself healthily and happily, what does it matter who owns or possesses? We all go for walks in the park 🏞. We "have" the right to use the park, so what does it matter who owns or occupies it? What do you really own? You should always remind yourself to let go of your desire for the world, let go of your worries, let go of your grudges against others, live a life of “subtraction” not “addition,” face life with ease, and enjoy a good life!

When a person has nothing, it is easy to be content; but once they have something, they will always feel a sense of insufficiency, as if they owe more than they possess. Don't be greedy, it's not up to you to decide how much you can get, that’s up to God. So let's not worry too much about it.

It's not easy for a group of people to get along together. Some are dominant, some easy-going, some talented, some gentle, some calculative, some generous, some clever, some deep, some outspoken, some cunning, some sincere... Life is full of variety and diverse personalities.

What is needed is to be content, grateful, tolerant and understanding of each other, and to change the unsuitable ones. Respect others, uphold your own dignity, help others, and be yourself!

A great quote from Confucius: If others do not respect me, it is because I lack talent. If I do not respect others, it is because I lack virtue. If others do not accept me, it is because I lack ability. If I do not accept others, it is because I lack magnanimity. If others do not help me, it is because I lack achievement. If I do not help others, it is because I lack kindness!

In all matters, if you do not treat others with selfish hearts, you will give more and care less about gains and losses. If you do not judge others based on their actions, you will possess more magnanimity and less narrow-mindedness. If you do not retaliate against others for their faults, you will have more tranquility and less entanglement. Uphold inner peace, be patient, calm, and humble, and cultivate more magnanimity. Embrace everything with a mindset of going with the flow. Be grateful for all the people we meet in life 🙏.

In fact, what we really own in our life is only our own body, mind and soul, and what we can own is also very limited. Indeed, everything in the world is created by a higher power, and ownership and possessions are temporary. As long as we have a healthy body, mind, and spirit, we can enjoy everything in this world. Therefore, let go of concerns about possession and ownership. The greatest happiness lies in having good health and being content with what we have, finding joy in simple and meaningful experiences.