Thank you letter from student Yang


New blood to the pandemic-prevention frontline! 👩‍⚕️

Yang, a student that the Foundation has been supporting for years, is soon to graduate from a nursing college and enter the workplace as a frontline nurse. Yang, raised by a single parent👩‍👧, knew from a very young age how hard it was to provide for a family. She wanted to go to a nursing college after junior high school👩‍⚕️, hoping to help others as a nurse and improve the family income. She saw nursing as a dream job with a steady income. Once she started her nursing college, the Foundation began to offer her long-term financial support so that she could focus on her studies rather than be impeded by the family’s conditions. In July this year, she was due to graduate from college and start her dream job as a nurse🏥.

Given the severity of the pandemic, the inspector asked her if she was worried. She said she was indeed quite concerned that she would get infected😟. But seeing that she had received professional training💉🩺, plus all due precaution, she felt confident🤝. In her eyes, we saw the formidable spirit of Nightingale💖. Let’s root for her and wish her all the best. Meanwhile, we salute all the frontline medical staff for their hard work. 👍👍👍