Dec 08.2021

Precious collection in the cabinet

Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation in its 🧑‍🌾 35-year charity work in Taiwan has been offering financial aid to low-income students in Taiwan and overseas, sending inspectors out to remote areas to help families in urgent needs. 💞 Lots of beauty has come out of this process of giving and taking.

Every month, many thank you letters from students ✉ and families that have received the Foundation’s support would arrive at the Foundation. In an era where online communication Apps are well developed, receiving hand-written cards and letters is tremendously heartwarming 🌡. Many of them are created by hand from scratch, some others, hand-painted, and still others, posted from overseas, plus hand-made souvenirs… 🎊 We’ve received a wide assortment. Over the years, we have received many thousands of such post, each written with heartfelt emotions and all very precious and dear to our heart. Besides replying to every single one of them, all letters and cards are carefully stored and displayed in the Foundation’s 🏛 artifacts hall.

For example, we recently received the ✒ watercolor work done laboriously by student Li using a fountain pen. Li’s father has cancer and his mother is injured. The painting is a depiction of the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation building. In his letter, Li wrote, “Thank you for your long-standing help for our family. It has greatly relieved my mother's load, and you have always been the warm sun ☀ in our hearts bringing me and my sister light and warmth…” In awe of Li’s painstaking strokes of the painting, we also feel very happy and relieved to have stabilized a precarious family in adversity. 🌬 We have lived up to the ethos of helping those meek and in need. We also thanked student Li for his words of encouragement. Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation shall carry on with its 💪 charity work and support families in desperate need of help.