Discovering Great Taste (Episode 2) - Hualien Food Kitchen / Lin-En★ Billie

Apr 15.2022

In order to provide a profound and healing dining experience for every patron,

Billie has not only created a healing kitchen,

she prepares each dish fresh every day with dedication and attention to detail.

In addition, the names of the meals are also very special.

We hope you will visit her restaurant when you go to Hualien!

Although she was temporarily recuperating due to a medical operation,

the Foundation was able to provide timely assistance.

She has since recovered and returned to work.

In this episode, our sweet little angel Lin-En

pays a visit to Billie and introduces her tasty and healing cuisine made with passion and warmth.


[Business Information]

Monday-Sunday 11:30-14:00, 16:30-20:00

No. 49-2, Guosheng 4th Street, Hualien City, Hualien County

Tel: 0972-100078