Discovering Great Taste (Episode 1) - Kaohsiung Chou Huang Egg Cake / Lin-En ★ Mr. and Mrs. Chou

May 03.2021

Mr. Chou has been running an egg cake stall for many years.

But previously due to a car accident

the stall was damaged and their livelihood ran into trouble.

Fortunately, the Foundation came to their aid,

and everything went back to normal.

In this episode, our sweet little angel Lin-En

pays a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Chou

and of course, introduces their delicious egg cakes!


[Business Information]

Mon: Bank of Taiwan, Siaogang Branch 13:30 - sold out

Wed: Wujia Nancheng Elementary School 13:30 - sold out

Thu: Fogong Elementary School 1330 - sold out

Fri: Bank of Taiwan, Siaogang Branch 1330 - sold out

Sat: Xiaogang Takao Motel 1330 - sold out

Sun: Linyuan Sunny Bank 0800 - sold out