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Cloud Residence



In the early hours of the morning, a violent earthquake shook the ground, causing family members and children to wake up in fear. The Foundation's case investigator at the Southern Office sensed that something was amiss. Harboring a sense of foreboding about the impending disaster, the investigator quickly searched for news online. As soon as the television was turned on, the shocking scene of the collapse of the Wei Guan Building in Tainan appeared.The time went back to six years ago, on February 6, 2016, at 3:57 am. As the sky slowly brightened, batches of investigators from the Foundation were mobilized. Braving biting cold winds, they closely monitored the progress of the rescue teams in saving the trapped victims. At the same time, they conducted disaster assessments and provided assistance and support to the affected people. The foundation also donated NT$20 million to the Tainan City Government for disaster relief efforts.

At the disaster site, there was a continuous flow of hot coffee, tea, piping hot beef noodle soup, and oden being delivered. Various supplies were also provided to bring warmth to the affected people and rescue workers. The aim was to ensure that they wouldn't suffer from the cold or hunger. The corporate sector and the general public also began to donate in an unceasing stream of supplies, offering their support. Despite being preoccupied and unable to reunite with their families on New Year's Eve, the case investigators witnessed the passionate and generous nature of the Taiwanese people. Everyone could empathize with the situation and contributed in their own ways, whether it was through financial donations, providing resources, or offering assistance. It didn't matter if it was a large corporation, a restaurant, a small vendor, or simply an ordinary citizen – they all wanted to extend their heartfelt support to the victims and the injured. These small acts of kindness and compassion converged to form a tremendous force, filling the hearts of the case investigators, who braved the cold winds at the scene, with deeply felt and resonating emotions.

2022On February 22, 2022, a Tuesday morning full of auspiciousness, we returned to the same place, once again braving the cold winds. But this time, it was a joyous occasion! A brand new and majestic building called "Cloud Residence" caught our eyes. Some of the disaster victims chose to leave this sorrowful place behind, while others decided to stay. Over the course of six years, with the collaborative efforts of the central and local governments, the "Wei Guan Jin Long Urban Renewal Association," and the affected residents, numerous challenges were overcome, leading to this fulfilling outcome. Finally, a newly constructed building that would provide them with a new home was completed. It was time to raise a toast to the past and embrace a prosperous future! Chairman Wu Ching-Ming of the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation led his team on a special journey to the south to offer their blessings. They sincerely hoped that whether the residents chose to leave or stay, they would be able to enjoy a peaceful and prosperous life. May happiness always accompany them! This is the outcome that society had hoped for when they contributed their resources and efforts.