Fond Memories of Great TasteFond Memories of Great Taste

Jun 28.2022 | Author :

There are various kinds of food or cuisines in life, and different flavors evoke different feelings in people. The good tastes that we have savored are deeply imprinted in our brains and hearts, and hidden deep in our memories, along with the interactions and emotions of people at that time, making people pining for those fond tastes of memory.

Xiaohu, a cheerful and optimistic young man of the indigenous Atayal people, worked hard and diligently despite having only a junior high school education. He is about to marry a beautiful girlfriend, and a wonderful life awaits him! However, a sudden serious illness resulted in a severe infection, requiring him to undergo lifelong dialysis. To his utter shock, his girlfriend, who had been discussing marriage with him, decided to break up with him at this time. Xiaohu, not wanting to burden his girlfriend, reluctantly agreed with a heavy heart. While Xiaohu was going through the lowest point in his life, his compassionate sister couldn't bear to see him in a state of constant sadness. She took him to the church, where they received care and support from the pastor and fellow church members. Initially resistant, Xiaohu gradually found solace in this spiritual journey and regained his smile. He continuously pondered about his future path. However, despite his efforts to find a job, he faced rejection wherever he went.

In a late-night dream, his deceased mother came to him with a smiling face, bringing Xiaohu's favorite roast chicken. Xiaohu reminisced about the joyful moments of his childhood when he used to sell smoked roasted chicken with his mother at the Cingjing Farm. This memory inspired him to set up a stall and sell roasted chicken, aiming to recreate his mother's uniquely flavored and traditionally smoked roasted chicken. However, his business struggled to take off, and he found himself trapped in a difficult predicament. In addition to providing several rounds of emergency assistance to stabilize Xiaohu's livelihood, the case investigator also launched a mission to rescue Xiaohu’s business! The booth's imagery was comprehensively revamped. Funding was provided to create a bamboo booth that incorporated elements of nature, complementing with the surroundings. The booth was named "Lao Hu Roasted Chicken" (Lao Hu means "Tiger" in Chinese). The investigator assisted in creating a sign with indigenous motifs, suggested that Xiaohu wear traditional indigenous attire, and recommended using paper boxes to package the roasted chicken for an enhanced presentation. Business cards were printed and attached to the boxes to promote the business. With an overall emphasis on indigenous imagery, the business gradually improved, allowing Xiaohu to become self-sufficient. He embarked on a new chapter in life with happiness and enthusiasm!


People often form emotional connections with flavors; certain tastes can evoke specific emotions and memories. For example, tasting the sweet and sour flavor of a green apple may bring back memories of the emotions experienced during first romance. Catching a whiff of the aroma of grilled meat might remind someone of the joyful moments of family reunion during the Mid-Autumn The smell of smoked roast chicken evokes the deep memory of Xiaohu and his mother - the taste of happiness!