Sending Love with Pomelo FragranceSending Love with Pomelo Fragrance

Sep 08.2022 | Author :

53A 53-year-old burn victim, Ah-Chun, suffered 45% burns to his body in an accident in 2019. At that time, case investigators from the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation provided extended assistance to help him overcome the difficult period. After undergoing a challenging rehabilitation process, Ah-Chun returned to his hometown of Ruisui in Hualien three years ago to work in the pomelo orchard. With his rich experience in cultivation, and nourished by the beautiful mountains and pure water of Hualien, his own 46-year-old orchard field often bears abundant fruits. The flesh of the fruit is sweet and juicy, with just the right level of sweetness. In the past, the main market for the fruits was mainland China for export, with some sold domestically. Typically, they would be sold out before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This year, because mainland China suspended the import of pomelos from Taiwan, it directly affected the pomelo farmer's livelihood. As Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching, the harvested pomelos were piling up in the warehouse, and the previous year's scene of truckloads of rush deliveries was no longer there. Seeing that all the efforts and costs were about to go down the drain, it was indeed a bitter pill for Ah-Chun to swallow.

Upon hearing this news, the case investigator reconnected with Ah-Chun and decided to purchase 100 boxes of pomelo at a price higher than the market value. These fruits would be donated to the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation’s East District Service Center and the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation in Hualien City, allowing vulnerable individuals served by both organizations to enjoy the juicy and delicious fruits. This act aimed to achieve a "One Charitable Act, Double the Love." When Ah-Chun and the interviewer presented the fruits together, a smile appeared on Ah-Chu's face still pockmarked with burn scars, as he said, "I never imagined that my burned hands could grow pomelo fruits for charity and help others. It truly brings me immense joy!"