Collaborating with the Taiwan Elite International Rescue Association to Hold the 'Cutest' Disaster Prevention Education Event at Chia-Yi County Jong-Ho Junior High SchoolCollaborating with the Taiwan Elite International Rescue Association to Hold the 'Cutest' Disaster Prevention Education Event at Chia-Yi County Jong-Ho Junior High School

Jun 02.2023 | Author :

Taiwan is located in the Pacific seismic zone and the subtropical monsoon region, making earthquakes and typhoons frequent natural disasters. Coping with these catastrophic events has become an ongoing challenge. In order to promote a nationwide disaster prevention awareness, the Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation, along with the Taiwan Elite International Rescue Association, organized the 'Cutest' Disaster Prevention Education Event at Chia-Yi County Jong-Ho Junior High School on June 2. Attendees included Chairman Wu Jingming of the Foundation, Honorary Chairman Zhang Bin of the Association, Principal Huang Xuehui, and the highlight of the event, three adorable and intelligent search and rescue dogs named Tangtang, Little Milk Tea EMMA, and JOY. The series of captivating search demonstrations during the event left nearly a hundred students in awe.  
The event kicked off with Secretary-General Chu Xingzhong explaining the precautions during earthquakes, emphasizing the importance of staying indoors and 'dropping, covering, and holding on' to avoid injuries from falling objects, thereby reinforcing the students' self-rescue awareness. The training of a qualified search and rescue dog was then shared, emphasizing that the key is the handler. After weaning, the young dogs assume the role of 'mother,' providing close care. Their search and rescue qualities are continually reinforced in daily life, such as their love for food and play, bravery, high obedience, affection for people, and their joy in using their sense of smell to play and search. Over time, a deep bond of trust and affection is developed through daily interaction.
Chairman Wu Jingming of the foundation stated that the fundamental concept of 'disaster prevention education' is not to control the occurrence of disasters but to mitigate the harm caused during or after a disaster. Enhancing awareness of disasters allows for an understanding of the importance of preparedness and emergency response. Thus, the foundation has continuously sponsored and supported the search and rescue association to hold six lectures, along with live demonstrations of everyone's favorite search and rescue dogs, to ensure the best learning experience for the students.
Principal Huang Xuehui expressed that Chia-Yi County Jong-Ho Junior High School is located in a special area near the crematorium, making it a remote school. Many students come from single-parent, skip-generation, and low to middle-income families. She expressed her gratitude for the foundation's sponsorship of tutoring class fees for underprivileged students, helping to improve academic performance and character development. She was delighted that such a rare and exciting course was brought to the school, and the chairman's personal visit brought joy to both the teachers and students.
One of the participating students, Chen, remarked that although the dogs looked cute and lively, they obediently followed the handler's commands, moving forward, backward, and turning like remote-controlled cars. Another student, Huang, who played the role of the person to be rescued hiding in a barrel, expressed surprise at the dogs' keen sense of smell, being able to quickly find them on the large playground. He emphasized the indispensable help they would provide during an earthquake. After the event, the dogs generously allowed everyone to touch them, showcasing their friendly and affectionate nature, leaving a deep impression on the students from this 'Cutest' Disaster Prevention Education event.