Chang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation Helps Solitary Elders Buy Home AppliancesChang Yung-Fa Charity Foundation Helps Solitary Elders Buy Home Appliances

Mar 30.2020 | Author : 智宇

Ms. Hsiu-Lan, who lives in Yuli Township, Hualien, lost her spouse at an early age, and her children have all since left her, leaving her living alone in her dilapidated home at the foot of Chike Mountain. Fortunately, with the help of vegetable gardening and elderly subsidies, she can scrape by and support herself. Time seems to have stopped here, the road to the outside of the mountain area has never been open, the bungalow where she lives has long been in disrepair, and no one cares even if one side of the roof has collapsed. The house is furnished as it was 30 years ago, and the basic necessities of life, such as boiling water and bathing, requires Hsiu-Lan to go outside and light some firewood.

One day, the grandmother was making her usual fire to boil water, and when she turned around and walked into the house, she accidentally set fire to the woodpile, but because she was hard of hearing, she did not realize that the disaster was approaching her. It was not until the fire reached the kitchen that neighbors discovered it and rushed to put out the fire. After receiving the report, the case investigator immediately proceeded to the residence to care about her living conditions. When he stepped into the living room in broad daylight, he was greeted with darkness and learned that the earthquake a month ago had shaken down the lamp fixture. The elderly lady could not climb high enough to repair it, so she had to spend her days in pitch darkness.

The case investigator, who was really upset, decided to take a good look at the grandmother's living environment, and only when he reached the kitchen did he see that the old refrigerator had been destroyed by fire. The frugal Hsiu-Lan not only couldn't store the food, but also had to watch food spoil, saying that she would be struck by thunder if she spoiled the food in this way. But for a lonely old woman with no one to turn to and no children to care for her, even if she wants to live the simplest life, it is full of challenges. The case investigator looked around the home and saw that the appliances were more than 20 years old; if they broke down, it would be the greatest grace if the kind neighbors could help fix them. For those that couldn’t be fixed, such as faulty motors on the washing machine, Hsiu-Lan would have to use her hands to do the laundry.
The case investigator gently pulled up the grandmother's arthritic hands and felt sad when he saw the twisted and deformed knuckles. The case investigator right then decided to help her install a living room light fixture so that the day would no longer be dark, and then assisted in purchasing a brand new refrigerator and washing machine, which they personally delivered to the grandma's home for installation to maintain her basic needs for life. In the future, when he passes by the area, the case investigator will go around to the grandma's house to chat with her and give her a gift. Just like the time he gave her a honey gift box, he even made a honey drink for her! He hopes that the grandma's heart will also melt like the honey in her mouth, with a hint of sweetness!